February 20, 2024


At Wingman we believe our company should be good but also do good. We’ve always wanted
this to be the backbone of what we’re about, whether it be the super high quality products
we make or going the extra yard to make life that little bit better for people.

World of Wingman

The Help for Heroes (H4H) message is simple: they believe that any Serviceman or woman who suffers life changing injuries or illness in the line of duty deserves the very best support for life. Over the years, H4H has thrown itself into a long list of projects designed to meet the needs of the wounded and their families and, while the ethos has remained as simple as it ever was, providing the support needed has become increasingly complex.We like to think the synergy between what H4H stands for and our brand philosophy makes us an ideal wingman for them: loyalty, confidence, banter, you name it…we’ve got your back. By focusing on the positives – on abilities, not disabilities – H4H will provide what is needed to give the wounded the chance of a fulfilling future. We now have a fantastic opportunity to play a key part in this and have no doubt H4H will prove to be an excellent partner.

For some, recovery can be swift – for others, it’s a life-long journey with changing needs along the way. With the public’s support, H4H has helped injured soldiers, sailors and airmen overcome adversity and move on with their lives. Some have already gone on to become chefs, international athletes, cyclists, runners, rowers, poets and artists and many more are being given the opportunity to choose a new future every day.The promise is that we will donate 5p to Help for Heroes from every product sale of our Skin Fuels and 250ml 3-in-1 Multi-Gels. In addition, we will be scheming up other creative ways to support our wounded and their families…

World of Wingman