May 27, 2020

These Are The World’s Most Dangerous Roads

The average car weighs between 1-1.5 tonnes, and we zip past each other in them, with just inches in between. That said, we’re fortunate in most parts of the United Kingdom to have well-paved roads, with railings, markings and all that, but that’s often not the case in other parts of the world.

Then there are the unpaved and isolated roads where you won’t find another soul for hundreds of miles, and the mountain tracks where trucks cling to the sides, always at risk of slipping and crashing thousands of feet onto sharp rocks.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the most dangerous roads on the planet.

Pan-American Highway

Where: The Pan-American Highway links Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina. Length: 14,099 miles

Although the Pan-American Highway passes through some perfectly reasonable and totally safe roads along its 14,000 mile length, much of it is desolate, unguarded, unrailed, unmarked and downright dangerous. Given that you’re traversing two continents, expect to be taking on mountains, glaciers, deserts, jungles and all kinds of other nonsense.