November 25, 2020

Grooming Tips

Why groom him ?

For the aesthetic.

Of course, for the pleasure of having a beautiful dog on a daily basis.

And if you plan to show it at a dog show or have it confirmed for an entry in the LOF (Book of French origins), it is important that your dog is groomed according to the standard of his breed.

For comfort and hygiene

Grooming helps to reduce the fur which is much more comfortable for the dog, especially when it is hot.

A regular bath removes accumulated dirt from the skin.

Finally, the thinning of the pads allows a more secure walk, the depilation and the cleaning of the ears as well as the shearing of the genitals contribute to a good sanitary condition.

To inspect

By handling the dog under all its seams, the groomer is one of the people best placed to detect various problems such as the presence of parasites (fleas, ticks, augustates, ear galls), eczema, sores, spikelets, tumors, etc …

The different stages

Grooming consists of several successive operations :

  • disentangling
  • hygiene
  • draft
  • bath
  • blow-dry
  • drying
  • cut
  • claw size

The cut consists, depending on the breed, the nature of the hair and the desired effect, in a scissor size, a shearing or an epilation.

As for hygiene, it involves cleaning the ears, clearing the genitals and thinning the pads.

When’s the first time you groomed him?

The young dog presents a woolly hair, dull and unsightly. His fur will grow stronger as he grows.

Depending on the nature of the hair, it will need to be scraped, peeled or first cut.

In general, the first grooming is around 8 to 10 months.

But first of all, teach him to be manipulated from an early age : brushing, checking the state of the ears, teeth. This will facilitate her first grooming session.

What if he’s got a lot of knots ?

A delicate operation

If your dog has a lot of old knots, it can become very difficult, even with professional equipment, to disentangle them. This makes some operations (cutting scissors, waxing) very delicate or even impossible.

In the first case, you may be asked to pay extra for the extra work.

In the second case, only the solution of a shearing, more or less short.

Think of its comfort

In both cases, a difficult disentanglement lengthens the grooming session and makes it all the more uncomfortable for your dog as it will have to be pulled on its hair.

Brush him

So if you have a dog with long or half-long hairs and you want to offer it a cut with lengths, think about brushing it regularly.This can quickly become a moment of complicity!

What is epilation ?

A perfect result

Depilation is a grooming technique that involves removing the dead hair.

It helps to maintain the integrity of the coat.

The result is much more aesthetic than a mowing. Especially since after being shorn, the hair grows back with undulations.

In what cases ?

Some breeds are predisposed to be waxed, such as cockers or westies.

Depilation requires that the hair is not too tangled, hence the need for regular brushing.

As the procedure is longer, it is often better for older or impatient dogs to opt for a mowing.

Without pain

Know that grooming is absolutely not painful for the dog. Indeed, the dead hair is easily removed.