February 20, 2024

Fitness and Sports

Back at the office after your vacation, no one took the trouble to mention your fresh and tanned complexion, but everyone was quick to raise the overweight level of your ex-six pack. To backtrack, we have selected ten fitness trends to express Fitness.

Every school year, you make the same decision: go back to sports. A good resolution that lasts about as long every year as stopping smoking immediately after each new year’s Eve. The reason for this is a rapid drop in motivation, usually, due to poor choice of activity, solitary practice or results considered disappointing.

Since the early 2010s, France has seen a renewed interest in fitness. The market is exploding, and the catalogue of activities it proposes is constantly growing. We have identified 10 sports that tend to practice in the indoor arena to ensure that they return to Olympic form in the near future; TRX, ViPR or even Grit, if the coded names of these disciplines seem straight out of the dialogue heard from two muscular bodies with hormones, their practice is nevertheless accessible to a large number of aspiring athletes.

– Bulgarian Bag. It is a tool that is beginning to break through the French fitness world. Initially used for physical preparation for combat sports, the bag, shaped like a weighted Crescent invented by a Bulgarian Wrestler, is used to improve explosiveness. “It is very interesting for the general physical condition, the cardio, the muscular strengthening,” comments sports coach David Costa, “it requires mainly a work of the arms but also of the whole body as the rocking movements require a cladding and a full body coordination”. Beginners will start with a bag of 12 kg, then increase as the workout progresses.

– Pound: Intense and playful, the Pound, coming from the United States, is a mixture of fitness and music. The peculiarity of this sport, recently introduced in France, is to practice with chopsticks similar to those used for drums. The sport promises to burn nearly 1,000 calories for a choreography of 45 minutes. “You won’t have to expect bodybuilding results,” the coach warned.

– Crossfit:” it’s the method of the moment, ” says Costa. Indeed, very popular in France and abroad, Crossfit is a mix of several activities. “It takes the best aspects of disciplines such as weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics to create a very intense focus,” says the coach. A CrossFit session of one hour includes a multitude of exercises with weights, gymnast rings, ropes, drawbars ; the set with short recovery times. The practice of the discipline allows cardiovascular work, muscle strengthening and mass gain:” it’s the most effective way to lose weight and build muscles, ” Costa says. Beginners should suffer but the results will quickly be conclusive.

– Grit : It is suitable for those who have little time to allocate to their sports session as it is done in short sessions of the order of thirty minutes. This cardio-type activity consists of combining body weight exercises with little or no rest, like a training circuit. Once or twice a week, he promises rapid results with a general goal of refining the silhouette and improving the physical condition.

– Cycling: this is without a doubt the sweetest discipline on this list of sports in vogue for the 2015 school year. The practice of the crankset is not traumatic for the joints as long as they do not suffer any shock. This cardio exercise, however, requires a lot of work from the thighs, buttocks and breath, depending on the different postures taken on the stationary bike. Because it burns a lot of calories, cycling will allow a quick refinement of the silhouette if combined with an adapted diet. Since this year, Cycling halls are being developed in France where it is possible to pedal in front of an interactive screen.

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The practice of TRX rapidly became popular in France.

– TRX: invented in 2003 by a US Navy combat swimmer commando, TRX is not a doping product but rather a great way to get back in shape. The exercise works by means of a suspension system with straps attached to the feet and hands. “The activity requires a lot of stabilization work and therefore cladding, it is good for muscle strengthening and cardio when carried out in the form of chains,” says the fitness coach. The results can be quickly satisfactory and the risk of injury is reduced.