To Beard Or Not To beard?

If I had a £1 for every time I wrote about how on-trend beards are or read articles about how the beard is here to stay then I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my morning coffee in order to pay my electricity bill. With the likes Bradley Cooper and Henry Cavill rocking beards, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular.



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There’s no denying that the days of every man being clean-shaven are over. But, whilst it’s tempting to ditch the razor and pick up the beard oil, it’s important to know the pros of having a beard vs. being clean shaven/a little bit stubbly.

4 Reasons To Beard:

Hide Yourself

Beards are a great way to hide or camouflage your facial insecurities. A lot of guys suffer from acne and therefore get left with acne-scares. A beard is a great way to hide any facial scars or skin that you’re conscious about.

Beards can also be used to soften strong facial features such as a big nose or a slim jaw line. They ‘fill out’ the face helping to give a guy a stronger, more masculine jaw line. Did you know that a study in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior found that women are more attracted to men with a strong jawline when they’re ovulating? No, me either.

On Trend

Every guy that is worth knowing about (or copying) is rocking a beard at the moment. Beards are bang on trend with the likes of Drake, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Beckham supporting the bearded look. It’s rare to see any guy in the media that is clean-shaven. Do you want to be on trend or left in the olden days?

Save Time

Not having to spend 15 minuets shaving everyday has its obvious benefits. Whether it’s an extra 15 minutes in bed or 15 minutes to just sit down and enjoy your breakfast, it’s worth having, even more so when you don’t have to do anything for it.

Don’t let standards slip though. Ensure you’re still taking the time to wash your face in the morning, as shaving won’t one of the reasons for dragging yourself to the sink every morning anymore.

Winter Warmer

Winter is coming and there is nothing that man can do about it. However, what man can influence is his facial hair to keep him warmer in the winter. Ever shaved and then stepped outside and felt the cold on your face? Yea, that won’t happen with a face full of fur.

Rumour has it that a beard keeps you warm by a) helping to insulate your face and b) due to the excess awesomeness generated by the beard – who are we to argue with science?!


Since we’ve got the fun stuff out of way for growing a beard, it’s time to consider the other side of the argument for going clean-shaven.

4 Reasons Not To beard:

Acne Concerns

Whilst a beard can be great for hiding your facial insecurities, it can also be the root cause for some of them – acne in particular. Hair tends to attract dirt and grime and stimulate natural oil production and secretion. These ‘ingredients’ are the perfect recipe for acne. Being clean-shaven results in an improved grooming and skincare routine by default due to the need to wash your face every time you apply shaving cream when shaving. If you stop shaving then you potentially decrease your face’s cleanliness.


Beards don’t come easy. Any guy that thinks growing a beard is just a case of waiting for the hair to grow is a fool. Beards take a lot of work and grooming and if you’re not up for the challenge of maintaining a beard then you’re probably better off going clean-shaven. There is nothing worse than a batchy, amateur beard that is simply left to grow – you can spot them a mile off. Beard oils and trimmers are just the start to maintaining and growing an epic beard. If you think you can get away without using products on your beard then just know that people will probably judge you and think you’re lazy for it, sorry but the truth hurts!

Corporate Culture

Although beards have come a long way in the past few years, beards still aren’t 100% appropriate in the wonderful world of work. If you grow a beard, you need to factor in the fact that you may have to shave it off at any point. For example, an important meeting might come up with little notice and you’d be best going into the meeting clean-shaven, which you know if a safe option verses a beard which can give off the wrong impression.

If you have a job that requires you to have several meetings with a lot of new people it may be best to play it safe by going clean-shaven – do it for the sake of your career.

Itch Wall

Most guys think that growing a beard is easy: you just sit back and let the hair grow but their wrong! What most guys fail to think about when growing a beard is the wall of itch that many men fail to get through.

When your facial hair starts to grow, the long hairs tend to cause a permanent irritation across your face resulting in a dull itch. This can last for a few weeks until the hair has grown long enough to not be an issue anymore. Something to consider if you can’t even handle one mosquito bite in the summer for a few days. Guys tend to think the world is ending at the first, slight feeling of pain. They still haven’t confirmed if manflu is actually a thing yet…


There you have it 4 arguments to beard and 4 points to not beard. We’re not here to make the decision for you but just to help you have as much information to hand when undergoing this huge stepping stone in your life of choosing whether to grow a beard or not.

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