Summer 16s Pool Party Policy; Grooming, Style & Trends

When it comes to pool parties and holidays, us guys are very restricted when it comes to poolside fashion and style. In terms of clothing, swim shorts are pretty much all we have to play with. By all means, feel free to wear more by the pool but I for one wont be trying to rock knitwear or brogues in the sun whilst abroad.

A pool party in somewhere like Ibiza or Zante is the perfect place to meet new people, or should I phrase that as ‘impress new people’ if you know what I mean! If you’re a man with a plan, then you’re very limited with what ‘resources’ you have to work with…to impress with. You can’t exactly pick out your favourite oxford shirt or lucky jeans to help seal the deal. The answer to looking your best for a pool party lies with working with what you’ve got, clothing, grooming and style wise.

Summer 16s poolside policy works on 5 key principles for a standout, fresh poolside look. It’s great for those who, like me, promised themselves they would get abs in time for the trip, but never got off the sofa to do it. Helps to claw back some confidence when topless…surrounded by gym fiends…and hot girls. According to the plan I made in winter, I should have run my first half marathon by now… didn’t even manage 10k.


Swimwear, without a doubt, is one of the most important items of clothing for an impressive poolside look. Bold prints and/or vibrant colours are definitely hot for 2016 – rock these and you can be hot too. These out there shorts can do 2 things, 1 make you look edgy and bang on trend but they also take some of the attention away from your body if you’re conscious about it. Below are some of our favourites:

P.s say no to speedos if you want to retain some dignity and dodge getting ripped to shreds by the lads.


Poolside footwear is a cheap way to instantly upgrade your look. Sportswear branded sliders are bang on trend for this summer. Unfortunately, if you want to make a statement then you best leave your flip-flops at home this year. For me, a branded pair is important verses a cheap pair, it’s all about the big, bold logos like the Nike pair below. A branded pair aren’t even that expensive either, a quick cheap upgrade to your look.



Everyone is rocking a tinted reflective/mirrored lens this year. Got to say, I love this trend for summer 16, it’s fresh and instantly reinforces the fact that it’s summer when you see someone wearing a pair.

There are so many different styles to choose from, under so many different brands, that there is literally a pair for everybody. If I had £143 to my name (when is payday again?!) I would definitely be looking to purchase a pair of these Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses With Flash Lens’. There an edgy, on trend statement maker for men’s style. Don’t worry; you can pick up a pair of decent sunglasses for less than £20 that look just as good as the Ray-ban clubmasters.



When you’re on holiday the majority of ‘you’ is going to be on show for most of the time. So when we I say skincare, I mean both your face and body. Don’t let acne or spots be the reason you couldn’t ‘seal the deal’ and ended up waking up to a cold, greasy kebab and half drank can of Coke.

When it comes to your face, wingman has an easy and effective solution. Before jetting off, use a combination of both their cleansing face wash and purifying face scrub. Aim to use the face wash both day and night and the face scrub once every 3 days, a guaranteed recipe for clearer skin.

When on holiday, our skin can take a battering when in the sun. Therefore, I recommend using wingman’s sensitive face wash to help wash away the vodka sweats, sun lotion and champagne showers from the night before.


To minimise body acne, think about using the steam room regularly before you go away, to help clear out pores and also treating your skin to my favourite wingman shower gel, the 3-in-1 mint boom, BOOM!


The snapback has made a comeback and I’m all for it as well!

If you’ve managed to avoid getting your hair wet while you’re away, I’d say you didn’t have a good enough time. What with the pool bombing and in the pool bars, it’s inevitable that your hair won’t stay as good as when you styled it. This is when the snapback becomes your best mate, hiding your now imperfect, fluffy hair whilst making you look on trend and standing out for the right reasons. For me, the branding needs to be minimal, you don’t want it to clash with your vibrant shorts and glasses, and try wearing it backwards instead of the peak facing forwards, like David… Wear it like Beckham.

Ryan is Wingman’s go to grooming expert, check out more of his posts at

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