Brock Lesnar’s Greatest Hits

Can Brock Lesnar fight? That’s what everybody’s been asking for a long time, although we don’t see why ourselves. With a unanimous win over Mark Hunt at the weekend, who could still doubt that the 265lb former WWE champion, who moves like a middleweight, is anything but one of the baddest men on the planet?

Brock Lesnar

Age: 39

Height: 6ft 3in

Weight: 130kg

Born and raised on a dairy farm, Lesnar went on to have a successful amateur wrestling career, wrestling at Bismarck State College and the University of Minnesota. A former professional American football player, Lesnar is a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He has been a UFC Heavyweight Champion, NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion, and IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

The T-Mobile Arena in Vegas was the stage for UFC 200, but it might just as well have been Brock’s own backyard, as time and again he took Hunt down for some vicious ground and pound — Lesnar’s trademark strategy. That’s at odds with Hunt’s preferred method of standing strikes, but in the end, all of that wrestling paid off.

In honour of Lesnar’s blinding return — after almost five years — we’ve rounded up some of the big man’s greatest hits for you to enjoy.

Lesnar vs Cena vs Rollins: Royal Rumble 2015

There may be more choreography here than on the set of Swan Lake, but you’ve got to admire the stamina and athleticism of these guys. At one point, Cena lifts Lesnar from seated to standing, in what’s essentially a 135kg lunge. Lesnar outweighs Rollins by over 25kg, and it shows. If Lesnar had unleashed his UFC rage, this would have been a short match.

Lesnar vs Velasquez: UFC 121

Lesnar actually lost this fight against Cain Velasquez, but the energy is so high here, that we couldn’t resist including it. We’re big Brock fans, but this fight shows that while he’s the king of ground and pound — in our eyes — he’s not crazy about taking hits.

Lesnar vs Mir: UFC 100

Here’s Lesnar at his very best, taking down one of the best in the business, two-time UFC champion Frank Mir. Classic ground and pound, with all of Brock’s wrestling experience on full display, and used to full effect.

Lesnar hits Big Show with an F5

While we doubt Big Show was ever the mythical 500lbs the announcers claimed he was, the man is still well in excess of 400lbs (180kg.) That time Lesnar hit Big Show with an F5, might only come second to the top-rope suplex which imploded the ring.

Lesnar vs Carwin: UFC 116

We love this fight because it’s the start of Lesnar coming into his own as a force for change in the UFC. Lesnar comes into this fight following a successful rematch against Frank Mir, and a win over legend Randy Couture.

Got a favourite Lesnar moment you’d like to share? Show it to us.

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